Eating in Quy Nhon

Eating in Quy Nhon

2000 Seafood
Tel: 812 787
Add: 1 Tran Doc
Among the most popular seafood restaurants in Quy Nhon - it tends to be packed with locals. Recommended is its seafood hotpot (lau) for 45.000VND.

Hong Phat
Tel: 811 550
Add: 261 Le Hong Phong
Mains: 20.000VND
This place just beside the Bank Hotel does respectable Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

Seaview Cafeteria
Tel: 891 791
Add: 25 Nguyen Hue
A pleasant beachfront place that's outdoors and next to the local tourist office, the Sea-view offers a selection of cold drinks and coffee (5000VND).

Thanh Minh
Tel: 821 749
Add: 151 Phan Boi Chau
Mains: 4000 - 12.000VND

and TinhTam
Add: 141 Tran CaoVan
Mains: 4000 - 12.000VND
right next to Long Khanh Pagoda, both serve amazingly good vegetarian dishes.

In the town centre, look for the local point-and-eat com binh dan restaurants near the Bank Hotel. Nearby, check out the tasty bakery items and excellent ice cream at Kern Ngot Nga (Tel: 821 562; Add: 326 Phan Boi Chau).

About 100m down Thap Doi street near Thap Doi Cham towers, are some local seafood restaurants (mains around 20.000VND) on both sides of the channel.