Bars & Restaurants

An Thai Cafe
Variety: Seafood, Vietnamese, Western, Pizza
Price: < US $7
Address: Khu Pho 3, An Thoi, (77) 844 307
Directions: located in An Thoi Town, Southern Phu Quoc

Tropicana Resort Restaurant
Variety: Seafood, Vietnamese & Western
Price: < US $10
Address: Tropicana Resort, on the beach. (77) 847 127
Directions: 3km south of Duong Dong town
Web site:

Minh Tri Restaurant

Variety: Seafood, European & South East Asian dishes
Price: > US $10
Address: Tran Hung Dao, Khu Pho 1, (77) 848 829
Directions: Long Beach, southern end of Duong Dong

Buddy Ice Cream & Info Cafe
Variety: Ice Cream
Price: < US $10
Address: 26 Nguyen Trai Street, Duong Dong Town
Directions: Centre of Town on the way to the market

Laguna & Neptune Seafood Restaurant

Variety: Seafood, Vietnamese and International cuisine
Price: > US $15
Address: Sasco Blue Lagoon Resort, 64 Tran Hung Dao
Directions: A short walk south of Duong Dong town