Mui Ne

Khe Ga (Tien Thanh)

The island light house (about a 45 minute drive South West from Mui Ne) of Khe Ga is the tallest in Vietnam and was built by the French in 1897 (and it is still operating).

Tien Thanh Beach

Tien Thanh Beach, is just outside the city of Phan Thiet. This beach is normally not on official tours; probably because it was difficult to reach until recently.

Doi Duong (Phan Thiet Beach)

This is a lovely beach on the edge of Phan Thiet City. There is a wonderful cluster of local Vietnamese cafes, and several resorts, including the Novotel and Dunes Golf Club. It is a popular spot for ...

Ca Na Beach

Ca Na, where the rocky mountains plunge deep into the sea, is 2 hours NE of Mui Ne and provides probably the best coral reefs and scuba diving or snorkeling in Vietnam.

Suoi Nuoc

This beach is the next beach on the way to the White Sand Dunes; North East of Hon Rom Beach.

Ganh Beach (Hon Rom Beach)

North East of Mui Ne Beach is Hon Rom Beach. The beach runs South West to North East and is on the "back side" of Mui Ne Village. It is accessible at a restaurant and a cluster of resorts ...

Mui Ne beach

Mui Ne beach is a beautiful tropical beach lined with groves of swaying palm trees, immense saharan sand dunes meandering for kilometers through colors of red, yellow and white. Mui Ne has winding ...